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Pub and Garden Games Hire - You can make up your own selection from our comprehensive list of pub games. These are ideal for networking or as a cost effective Team Building Event. We can even add a good old pub quiz to your event.
We can supply a great selection of top quality giant games and simulators available for hire at affordable rates and can deliver them nationally. Top quality giant pub event games entertainment.
Price From 800.00 + vat
Nationwide - International
* Pool Tables (Up to 2) - 6 High Quality Tables
* Air Hockey (Up to 2) - 5 Tables
* Darts (Up to 2) - Includes backboard and Ochy
* Giant Skittle Alley - Incredible quality - 10m x 2m
* Giant Shuffleboard - One of the oldest games in UK
* Giant Connect 4
* Bagatelle
* Quoits
* Giant Jenga
* Table Football (Up to 2)
* Bar Skittles

6 Games from: 800.00  8 Games from: 950.00  10 Games from : 1050.00 + vat

Giant Games Package
Our brilliant giant games package can be tailored to suit your event, space and requirements. Choose your own games for your event. Some games are better suited to indoor events.

* Giant Jenga
* Giant Connect Four
* Table Football
* Air Hockey
* Giant Chess
* Giant Draughts
* Lawn Darts
* Croquet
* Buzz Wire
* Giant Ker Plunk
* Giant Dominos

6 Games from : 450.00 - 8 Games from : 550.00 - 10 Games from :600.00

Pub and Garden Game Packages

Take a look at our great selection of classic pub games, all these great activities are ideal for networking and socialable fun events. We offer these games for hire in affordable, cost effective hire packages.

You can have mutliples of games in each package. Great Package Prices Are Available!

Shuffle Board
This is an age old English sport which is a development of Shove H'penny. The aim of this classic pub game is to slide the round disks into the target areas. The game is classic addictive fun for all events.
L 200 x W 40 x H 77cm

Table Football
Table Football - This sturdy brute of a table football will bedazzle your guests. With top quality game play (tested rigorously by ourselves) and great looks this open top, free play table football table is a great addition to any event.
L 143 x W 76 x H 88cm.

Air Hockey
The aim of this 2 player game is to score goals, by pushing the puck in to the opponents goal. The pucks are floating on a fan powered bed of air, to give the game a rapid action.
L 2130mm x W 1220mm x H 810mm

Pool Table
This is ia fold away, full sized UK spec table which is one of the best of its kind. The surface is heavy and the cushions are top class. We use a fold leg table for ease of transportation.
L 220 x W 122.5 x H 77.5

Skittle Alley
The is a giant traditional game of 9 pin skittles. We provide a large skittle ally with a wooden backboard (to prevent any damage to a room) and the skittles of course, all you and your fellow competitors have to do is hit them with the balls! This is addictive fun, and a great looking addition to any pub games event.
W 1.2m x L 8m.

This again is a must have for a traditional pub games event. Our darts boards come with a free standing back board (which offer complete protection for the surrounding decor), black boards and chalk to mark your score and an Oche or toe line to prevent any cheating. This is the complete darts package all you need is the barrel of beer to accompany the game.
H 2.2m x W 1.2m D x 2.2m

Jenga is a great multiplayer game, each player must take it in turns to remove one of the wooden blocks, once the block is removed you place it on top of the tower. The game is puzzling, problematic and incredibly competitive.
Space Needed: 1.5m x 1.5m

Connect 4
This game is a classic table game that we have put through the gigantaray, which has enlarged the game for your comical pleasure. Players go head to head and take it in turns in placing a disk in the board. The aim is to line up four of your coloured disks in a row, be it diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The game provides head to head competition at the highest level.
1m x 1m